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Unregistered 09-30-2005 07:27 PM

Why should I register?
I'm new to your site and see you want me to register. May I ask why?

Site looks nice, btw. Good job!

pengwen 09-30-2005 07:31 PM

Re: Why should I register?
Good Question! For starters, our registered member / supporters are VIPs here. Second, membership is free and we encourage members to post messages in our forums on upcoming events or topics of interest to others. Third, we want this to be a wholesome family-oriented site... These days that requires limiting access and blocking spam.

There are many things members can do here. For example, they can read and comment on our news, vote in our polls, view, reply to and comment on our classifieds and galleries, add events to our calendars, suggest new sites for our links list, create a personal online gallery and share their favorite photos there. In addition, members can also submit reviews of events, businesses, products or places they visit and tell us their reactions to them. They can even start and run their own "Blogs" here. In fact, there are so many things our members can do I'd need to write a book just to tell you about all our web portal's capabilities!

Although Anonymous Users ("Guests" like yourself) can still visit our site and read our news, we do limit their ability to post here. There are many reasons for that; but mostly it's to prevent unknown visitors from filling our forums with spam or posting porn or other unwanted messages. That in turn lets us focus on what we do best, giving you the best and most up to date arts and entertainment news in New Mexico!

So, we invite and encourage you to register as a member of our community. As I said, it's free and we promise not to "spam" you and we'll never share your email address or member information with anyone either. But as a registered Steppin' Out user, you can easily contribute to our local and statewide news and enjoy yourself while doing so.

Thanks for visiting our web portal. We sincerely hope you WILL decide to register and participate as part of our fast growing web community. But that choice is up to you!

Best Professional Regards,
Gwen Roath (a.k.a. PenGwen)
President and Publisher
Steppin Out New Mexico / Pen•Gwen Productions

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