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Old 07-18-2009, 05:22 PM
waterdragon waterdragon is offline
Honored Poet
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Maid of Heaven

between heaven and earth,

her heart


by an eternity of grief

for the anguished miseries of mortals,

the angel laid her head
on Lucifer’s dark shoulder
and wept, exhausted,
within his arms

sang to her,
to her,

weaving seductive, soothing

sliding enchantment
like a silken scarf
across her swollen, mourning eyes,

holding her closer,
ever closer

to his excited, voracious, exultant heart,
fiery triumph rising,

a hellish phoenix

She drifted, sobbing,
in a dry, seemingly endless desert
of doubt, dismay, despair,

begging silently, helplessly,
almost hopelessly
to a God she was
no longer sure of

that a miracle for her
was not impossible,

that she would
fly again,

that she would
spread wide her dove-white wings and

s o a r !!
r !! s
a o
o a
s r !!

from The Alternate’s tempting,
icy, smoldering, bleak and sticky embrace

back into the rhapsodic, blissful halls of
paradise’s infinite rapture

Relinquishing her dreadful qualms,
she surrendered finally
to her thirsty soul,

and quenched her fear in the springs
of eternal hope –

Now Beelzebub stands alone,

an ephemeral flicker

in a deserted,

distant mirage


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