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Call Middle Rio Grande Realty. They're Socorro's best!
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Hondo Valley - Time's-A-Wastin' Iris Farms season ends in September

Revel in the summer glories in Hondo valley’s ‘paradise’

There are no words to describe Hondo Iris Farm’s gardens.
There are no words to describe Hondo Iris Farm’s gardens.

Hondo Iris Farm
Just moments away from Ruidoso and yards off the major highway 380 and 70, a bit of paradise lies waiting for you to experience. If you’re one of many who’ve already visited the Hondo Iris Farm, you know how easy it is to get to, despite its hidden location. And if you’re new to the area, just keep your eyes peeled for the signs at mile marker 284 on US Hwy 70.

Hondo Iris Farm is particularly busy in spring while the iris blooms burst forth in their magnificent spring glory. This year, over 1000 people visited the farm for Mothers Day Weekend. The gardens were breathtaking throughout this period with hundreds of Iris varieties blooming in a spectacular rainbow of living color.

As other observers have noted: “…There are no words to describe Hondo Iris Farm’s gardens in the spring and early summer…. The Garden of Eden couldn’t have been more lovely…. You have to visit the place and see for yourself what we’re talking about.”

But each season has its glory and now the irises have been replaced by daylilies and poppies in a riot of colors and roses, roses, roses. There’s never a charge to come and view the gardens, watch the fish in the pond, bring a picnic lunch or just sit and watch the antics of the humming¬birds and relax to the sounds of the fountain.

Adding to the charm of the place is the gallery of artist Alice Seely, part of the beautifully restored, historic home. You’ll find her unique lead-free pewter jewelry and a variety of home décor and gift items. Plus her one-of-a-kind clothing, which no one expects to find at an Iris farm: elegant designer clothing, with interesting exotic fabrics; soft draping, light-weight jackets that can be worn to the opera or over blue jeans with the same dramatic effect. The fabrics include silk designs and modern textile prints. She also has a brilliant array of scarves and hand embroidered jackets made in Kashmir to her design.

Alice Seely’s nearby Jewelry Factory and Show Room also features Alice’s jewelry which is sold in many locations in the U.S. and Canada. The jewelry is hand made at the Iris Farm Annex on Highway 70, at mile marker 286 (open Tuesday- Friday, 8-5, for free factory tours.) All jewelry is available, at both locations, at factory discount prices.

The gardens at Hondo Iris Farms offer a beautiful and relaxing stop that is tucked away and nearly invis¬ible in the cool shade of the Hondo River Valley, just a few yards from U.S. Highways 380 / 70. The farm is located about 24 miles east of Ruidoso visit or call 575.653.4062 or visit



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