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Default pengwen’s perlieu: Looking backwards and forward, thanks helpers!

pengwen’s perlieu:
Looking backwards and forward, thanks helpers!

Wow! This is the last issue of Steppin’ Out’s year. We started this “rag” in September and have numbered our issues accordingly ever since. And the very next issue will start our 10th year! Wow! We’ve had a lot of fun and met some wonderful people over these years. And as Steppin’ Out has been growing, our helpers are getting more numerous as well. Thank goodness for helpers! We’d never do it without them. All these area representatives answered a little classified ad looking for helpers, so let me introduce you without further ado:

Southwest Region

Our most elder rep, Marjorie Lilly joined us a year ago. A Deming writer, she covers a big area – the southwest region from Silver City to Palomas, Mex. 505- 544-3559.

Southeast Region

Two gals joined us this time ’round in the Southeastern Region. Dawn Cheney is helping out in Alamogordo (visit her shop at the Wild West Antique Mall), Tularosa, Roswell and points in between. She likes to play with dolphins and Koalas and currently is learning to handle Macs. I haven’t actually met her in person yet, but we’re already simpatico with computers. She can be reached by calling (505)-257-0302.

Rosalyn Stevenson just moved to Capitan bringing with her a boundless enthusiasm and a yearning to write. She’s starting her own blog on, Words Out. Check it out. She’s also an ad layout pro and contributed several articles in this issue. 505-354-8010 We at Steppin’ Out have a tradition of naming our own titles. I’m Publisher/Peon and Kenny is the Creative Flunky. Greg keeps his more formal sounding titles in print but his humor shows through his moniker online.

Central Region

Joining us in the middle of the state is Valencia County’s Walkie Talkie, Rebecca Hudson otherwise known as Rev. Bec. She’s a very serious sort of gal as you can see from her picture. She’s also a very talented poet and is contributing more and more articles as well as introducing advertisers to our services. 864-4579 or 688-5224.

Great Western Region

Helping walkie-talkie is a guy very familiar to Valencia County’ers, Promotions Pro Bill Pearman, an all round good guy with a great sense of humor. (We kept him too busy this go around to figure out his title) He’s also taking Steppin’ Outs to the far reaches of the state introducing us to the Farmington, Aztec area. (505)215-5707 or 864-4579.

Also in the West, Renee Post joins us from Bluewater – that’s half way (sort of) between Gallup and Grants. She’s an excellent artist with a formal art background. She also is a graphic artist and does web design from her Dancing Rabbit Studio. (505)287-4748.

That’s the line-up of area reps so far – and we’re still looking for people in other areas of the state. We have more helpers, too: Gair Linhart is our very talented Poet blogger ( and Nicola’s our administrative assistant (that’s the term for low-paid secretary these days, right?) Thanks, all, for all you do!


Be sure to say you found them in Steppin' Out. That ALWAYS makes our supporters smile. Remember, they're the ones who make this site possible!

Web Witchcraft Publishing - We design and build the world's most powerful websites. Quality is our standard... Perfection is our goal!

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Old 07-16-2007, 05:45 PM
Correct Phone Number
Hi, Gwen,

Thank you for saying such nice things about me. I do love it here and I love helping people with ad layout and copy.

My correct phone number for people to call is: 505-354-8010

In addition to doing ad sales and layout for Steppin' Out, I also do other kinds of graphic design, for promotional materials, posters, CD covers, etc. and am currently illustrating a children's book.

People can feel free to contact me at the above number if they have ideas for projects they'd like to bring to fruition. I love working with creative people!

Rosalyn Stevenson
Old 07-16-2007, 05:57 PM
Hi, Gwen,

Thank you for the nice introduction. I love working with you and Gregg at Steppin' Out.

I just corrected the phone number in the paragraph above......gee, didn't know I could do that.........

My phone number for anyone who wants to contact me about placing an ad in Steppin' Out's great paper and web site is: 505-354-8010

In addition to ad layout and copy writing for Steppin' Out, I also do other graphic design projects and illustration.

I'd love to hear from anyone who would like promotional material, posters, CD covers, or any kind of graphical project done. (I've done packaging too).

I'm currently illustrating "The Boy With the Rainbow Colored Hair", a children's book by Dr. Alan Schlak.

Rosalyn Stevenson

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